Cullimore photo shoot

We have had the best few weeks with my family! Amy and Ethan have been here from Texas, David has been down several weekends in a row, and Thomas and Rosie came for a few days from Portland. It is a rare occasion that we are all together at the same time in the same place! So, James's brother Jake very kindly agreed to take our pictures to commemorate such a moment. He did an AMAZING are just a few:

The Cullimore family

My siblings (this picture just makes me happy)

My girls

My sweetheart

The cute baby!

Can you believe this picture?! I know I'm biased, but it looks like a model photo shoot, with the hair blowing and everything!

It is so nice to have these memories captured forever.

roller coaster

No, we didn't go to Lagoon (in case the title threw you!). "Roller Coaster" describes my life as a mom. It is amazing, and fairly embarrassing, how many roller coasters my emotions can ride in one day! We can be having such a great, heartwarming moment and then, with barely a chance to blink, a tantrum appears out of nowhere. (And, I will admit again with embarrassment, that the kids aren't the only ones with the tantrums.) Poor, patient James. How I wish I could be more consistently calm and collected and the way a mother should be. Some days those moments seem too few and far between.

Thank goodness life starts over tomorrow!

Some pictures of my sweet girls:

(Modeling their $0.50 shirts! I love the $10 coupons in the mail from JC Penney...)




My Mother's Days

Each day I became a mother:

(I am brave to post this scary picture! You'd think I had been through hours and hours of labor. Well, it was late at night, at least. And, Abby is cute.)

The only planned delivery date. Looking huge.

Looks like eating is more interesting to me at the moment...The baby IS there in the background. (We always laugh at this picture with the banana. Those of you who know my tastes know why this is funny.)
Ready to go again...
Cute. (Just disregard the fact that the doctors are still busy working on me in the background. I couldn't feel it, I promise.)

My beauties...
What a blessing to be a mother. Happy Mother's Day.

16 months with my girls

I was looking through some photos of Ivy the other day and realized how much she really is a combination of my other two girls...I'm just not sure who she resembles more. See what you think:

Abby, 15 months
Abby, 17 months

Brynn, 16 months
Brynn, 17 months

Ivy, 15 months

Ivy, almost 16 months

One thing is for sure...all of the Anderson girls were blessed with lots and lots of hair! (We're at the crazy hair stage now with Ivy...Just growing out and always in her eyes or back in a ponytail on top of her head. But, I just can't bring myself to cut it!)

updated pics

Some recent pictures...It has been a while!

Cute Ivy...Such a happy baby.

She loves playing in the curtains, and I often let her. (I am finding myself to be so much more lenient with this child...What happened to me?!)
Abby, modeling her new dress.

Brynn's new birthday dress, that her daddy picked out.

Hunting for eggs at Grandma Anderson's.
What a nice sister to share! It is sweet how well Abby and Brynn look out for their baby sister.

I had to sneak in a picture of my handsome husband.