Cullimore photo shoot

We have had the best few weeks with my family! Amy and Ethan have been here from Texas, David has been down several weekends in a row, and Thomas and Rosie came for a few days from Portland. It is a rare occasion that we are all together at the same time in the same place! So, James's brother Jake very kindly agreed to take our pictures to commemorate such a moment. He did an AMAZING are just a few:

The Cullimore family

My siblings (this picture just makes me happy)

My girls

My sweetheart

The cute baby!

Can you believe this picture?! I know I'm biased, but it looks like a model photo shoot, with the hair blowing and everything!

It is so nice to have these memories captured forever.


Dana said...

Gorgeous Family!! It will be my turn next week, Becki's whole family is coming for a month! SO excited.

Sarah said...

Such cute pics! That pic of Brynn is gorgeous!!

DeAnna Dahl Kemple said...

Love to see how happy you are in the picture with your family. The girls are so cute and growing so fast.

Dixi said...

Cute pictures Lisa!!! Miss you!